We're a Full Funnel
Marketing Agency 

Invoq (inˈvōk) is a marketing agency and HubSpot partner that excels at Inbound Marketing

What Is Full Funnel Marketing?


Inbound Marketing is the process of attracting customers before they’re even ready to buy. It's one of the best and most cost-effective ways to convert strangers into customers and brand ambassadors.

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A full funnel marketing agency works across a range of marketing disciplines - from content creation and Search Engine Optimization to email automation and workflows - in order to attract qualified leads and closes more sales.

Invoq (inˈvōk) is a marketing agency and HubSpot partner that excels at Inbound Marketing. We believe that the Inbound Marketing methodology and inherent strategies successfully attract qualified leads, close sales, and measure ROI. Simply put, we use Inbound Marketing to move potential customers through the buyer's funnel, from awareness to consideration and finally, the decision to purchase.

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What our clients say about our Work:

The team at Invoq took the time to understand our needs and present innovative solutions. They delivered service as promised that positioned our organization to be competitive in a changing marketplace. They're is smart, effecient, and creative.

Susan Sharp, Corporate Director of Philanthropy, Sandy Cove Ministries

I have worked with Invoq on countless projects both big and small - from newsletters to web design projects to full size trade show booths. They've always come through on time (even when I didn't give them much time) and with a great product at a reasonable price. I have recommended this great team to my customers numerous times and they've always been pleased. The Invoq team is extremely knowledgeable in marketing - print and online. If you're looking for expert advice on marketing strategies that will help your business, you need to talk to Invoq!

Kristen Dressler, Owner, Team Builder Recruiting

Invoq has helped our company boost website traffic and increase sales. Everyone went out of their way to connect with us regularly – whether by phone, Slack, or an occasional trip to South Dakota. I’m thankful for their genuine care about my needs and concerns.

Lenny Stahl, General Manager, Dakota Storage Buildings

The team at Invoq has a very gracious way of keeping you accountable to the project at hand. It’s easy when you hand over a project to a vendor to forget about the daily activities needed to fulfill it. Invoq has very firmly, yet lovingly, kept the pace and project in focus for us. They always ask insightful and challenging questions that help maximize the tools they are implementing.

Matt Bellis, Liberty Health Share

Jon Martin

CEO, Sales & Inbound Strategist

Jon excels at developing and implementing business, sales, and marketing strategies. If you love talking about your business and discussing ways it can grow, you’ll want to meet Jon. He’s passionate about business growth and helping others succeed.

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Benjamin Bachman

Marketing Director

Benjamin works closely with our team to design creative and effective client-specific strategies. ROI and results are always top-of-mind for Benjamin. Tell him about your pain points, your business goals, and your marketing objectives. He’ll listen. Most likely he’ll offer some free advice, but most importantly, he’ll help you figure out whether or not Invoq is a good fit for you.

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Kristen May

Content Strategist

Knowing what great Inbound Marketing strategies require, Kristen is devoted to developing quality content that search engines like and real people want to read. She understands the buyer's journey and personas—and how targeting each with the right content can be the difference between landing customer and losing a sale.   

David Herring

Web Developer & Designer

David is the master of website design and development. He knows how to make things work on the backend while preserving the functionality and beauty on the front end. David also handles print design work.


Julia Schuller

Social Media Manager & Content Writer

Julia understands that the impact of social media is beyond important. Understanding the needs for brand awareness, community engagement, and the establishment of company trust, Julia works hard to create and execute effective social media strategies. Julia also serves as a content writer.

Jennifer Villa

SEO Marketing Manager & PPC Specialist

Jenn ensures that when people search for your business online, your site rocks the top of the search engine results. Whether that means creating high-performing PPC ads or building SEO optimized content, the SERPs are her playground. 

Kara Weber

Marketing Manager & Sales Coordinator 

Do you want to know if Inbound Marketing and Invoq are a good fit for you—ask Kara. She loves figuring out how Invoq can help businesses grow and increase sales. When she's not chatting with potential clients, she oversees Invoq's marketing—because marketing companies need marketing, too.