2016 State of Inbound: Discover How Inbound Marketing Is Making An Impact

2016 State of Inbound: Discover How Inbound Marketing Is Changing

Find out what's happening with Inbound Marketing—read this year's report hightlights.

We're a marketing agency and HubSpot partner that excels at Inbound Marketing. Being a bought in and committed HubSpot partner, we often look to and rely on the expert staff at HubSpot for industry trends and reports.

State of Inbound 2016

Every year HubSpot surveys thousands of the world’s leading marketers and salespeople. They ask them about their most pressing priorities, the challenges they face, and the strategies they plan to implement in the year ahead. All of these insights are consolidated into a master report: The State of Inbound.

The most recent version of the State of Inbound looks to the future of marketing and sales. It covers ROI benchmarks for inbound campaigns, which channels marketers should add to remain relevant, data-backed steps for marketing and sales to collaborate better, and much more.

We’ve always used the State of Inbound report as a barometer for current trends and where inbound is headed directionally.

This year, HubSpot took their report one step further. Along with the benchmark data we've come to expect, this year they also looked at new trends and technologies.

The HubSpot team doesn't have a magic crystal ball, but the 2016 State of Inbound holds some of the most informed predictions for the future of marketing and sales you’re likely to find.

And unlike other industry reports, this one is completely free. You can download it right at no cost and start preparing your business for the future of inbound.

After reading The State Of Inbound, you may find yourself asking, "Is inbound marketing a good fit for my company?"

While our team at Invoq loves conquering challenges and solving marketing problems, we care even more deeply about helping businesses succeed. With that in mind, we're in the business of honestly assessing company's challenges, goals, and KPIs.

Because we value honesty and because we strive for success, if Inbound Marketing isn't a good fit for a particular business model or industry, we'll say it upfront. After all, honesty is the best policy, right?

So, how do you know if inbound marketing is a good fit for you?

If you’re interested in discovering and learning about your target audience, see the value in consistently producing content that will add value to your customers, and are ready to be customer-centric instead of company-centric, let's talk. Inbound may be what your company needs to break through your business plateau and grow.

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