Do These 5 Things Before December

Blog: Do These 5 Things Before December

Use this checklist to make sure you don't miss anything major as you head into the last quarter of the year.

Summer is wrapping up, cooler weather just around the corner, and the new school year has begun. Crazy, right? Those of you with kiddos all share the same sentiment . . . "Really?!? My kid's going into what grade? When did he/she get so big? How did the summer by so quickly!" Yeah, we get it. Take a week or two to let it sink it. Accept the transition, the change of season, and the fact that Christmas is less than four months away.

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Hiring a marketing agency? Ask these important questions.

If your company doesn't have an internal marketing team or if you want to beef up your marketing efforts—consider hiring a marketing agency!

Before you start the process of hiring an agency, ask yourself, "What kind of agency do we need?" Do you need digital campaigns, media buys, branding, social media management, or an entire marketing plan?

Having a business plan in place and knowing what you want to gain from marketing will help to narrow down your search.

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6 Marketing Blogs Worth Following

In a previous post we gave you a short list of must-read books courtesy of our ever-reading CEO & Chief Visionary, Jon Martin. This time, we have a list of hand-picked, must-follow blogs. Jon keeps an eye on these blogs because they come from trusted resources and always provide valuable tips, ideas, and advice, plus updates on marketing industry research and trends.

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We're A Certified HubSpot Agency Partner!

We're proud to announce we just completed our HubSpot and HugSpot Agency Partner Certifications which make us a Certified Agency Partner!

You may already know that we use HubSpot for our marketing and sales efforts . . . but now we've gone a step further. And we couldn't be more thrilled.

Our company becoming a Certified Agency Partner means two things to our clients.

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