Jennifer Villa
Jennifer Villa

SEO Marketing Manager & PPC Specialist | Jenn ensures that when people search for your business’s name online, you’re rocking the top of the search engine results. She knows how to select effective keywords and capitalize on the power of social to make sure websites are optimized and ranking well.

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Must-Track Metrics for Your Monthly SEO Report & Analysis

4 Must Track Metrics for your Monthly SEO Report and Analysis

SEO reporting is only difficult because people aren't sure what metrics to monitor and consistently track.

As an SEO or savvy marketer, it's super easy to spend hours and hours optimizing your website without any idea of your true impact and the results of your work.

Google and other search engines can take days and sometimes weeks to crawl your updates. Certain SEO practices like link building can generate small wins, but they don't really show results in just one instance. Oftentimes, it takes an army, or many stacked marketing strategies to start notching your way up the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Of course, doing work without a reward doesn't fly for most people. They want to see results—as they should.

However, it's a common thought that SEO is hard to track.

But shockingly, SEO IS NOT HARD TO TRACK!

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Squarespace SEO: Best Squarespace Templates for Search Engine Optimization

Squarespace SEO: Best Squarespace Templates for Search Engine Optimization

Squarespace Review: Can Squarespace Sites Rank With the Best of ‘Em?

Although the interface is pretty user-friendly, some people have started to notice that some Squarespace templates aren’t meeting their needs.

A big question we’re all wondering is, “Is Squarespace good for SEO?

Even Moz founder and marketing guru, Rand Fishkin, who once endorsed the company years ago, has been doubtful of Squarespace SEO in some recent Twitter posts, sharing qualms about their customization abilities and even telling some followers: “I’d avoid them for now if SEO is important to your site’s traffic.”


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