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We're an Inbound Marketing agency who's sold on the advantages of HubSpot—an Inbound Marketing and sales enablement SaaS—for both ourselves and our clients.

Being a bought-in and committed HubSpot Agency Partner, we regularly look to their expert staff for marketing industry data, trends, and reports to help guide our business.

Every year they release their official Hubspot Inbound evaluation. Their State of Inbound 2017 report was released in May.

State of Inbound Report Highlights

Here are a few highlights from this year's report.

  • Many marketers feel that their marketing and sales efforts are not aligned, resulting in major challenges. Only 22% of respondents say their organization's sales and marketing relationship is tightly aligned.
  • When asked, "Do you feel that your organization’s marketing strategy is effective?" Just 61% answered “yes” this year. 69% of C-level executives believe their organization's marketing strategy is effective, while only 55% of individual contributors believe their organization's marketing strategy is effective.
  • Collectively, executives need a better understanding of the day-to-day challenges employees face, and employees need to communicate more clearly the roadblocks in the way of success. Without clear communication and alignment, companies struggle to build strong and lasting relationships with its customers.
  • Executives who set the vision for their companies have very different perspectives on the state of their business compared to individual  contributors tasked with executing on that vision.

  • The top 3 marketing challenges in 2017 include generating traffic and leads (64%), proving the ROI of our marketing activities (40%), and securing a large enough budget (28%).
  • The top 3 sales challenges in 2017 include getting a response (38%), closing deals (35%), and prospecting good leads (30%).

Purpose of Hubspot's State of Inbound Report

The purpose of marketing and sales is to generate more traffic, more leads, and more customers, right? While the goal always remains the same, the audience—their preferences and behaviors—do not. The way customers shop and buy changes constantly.

As you may have noticed, people (perhaps even you!) don't want to just read content anymore. Immersive video experiences are the ticket that wins attention. When it's time to research a product or service, people don't want to talk to a rep on the phone. Instead, they'll turn to an artificial intelligence-powered bot.

And in the age of the buyer, it's up to businesses to adapt.

That's why every year HubSpot's research team spends countless hours surveying, calculating, and reporting the global impact of the Inbound Marketing methodology.

This year’s report will give you the data you need to benchmark your activities against our 6,000+ respondents while also giving you insight to plan your future marketing and sales strategies.

Plus, it will help your business stay up-to-date on all the marketing and sales changes that matter the most so that they can create adapt and overcome.

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