The Best Software for Small Businesses | 6 Tools to Grow Your Business


These online marketing tools ease the chaos of managing your small business.

As a small marketing business owner, I know that determining the best small business software, systems, and tools for your company can be brutal. There are thousands of options—some to help with online marketing, others for accounting, legal documents, payroll, reporting, HR, project management, and more that help with a whole host of other things.

But there's digital marketing tools that stand out from the crowd for their price tag and value, which I feel deserve special recognition, and why I deem each of them some of the best software for small businesses.

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Squarespace SEO: Best Squarespace Templates for Search Engine Optimization

Squarespace SEO: Best Squarespace Templates for Search Engine Optimization

Squarespace Review: Can Squarespace Sites Rank With the Best of ‘Em?

Although the interface is pretty user-friendly, some people have started to notice that some Squarespace templates aren’t meeting their needs.

A big question we’re all wondering is, “Is Squarespace good for SEO?

Even Moz founder and marketing guru, Rand Fishkin, who once endorsed the company years ago, has been doubtful of Squarespace SEO in some recent Twitter posts, sharing qualms about their customization abilities and even telling some followers: “I’d avoid them for now if SEO is important to your site’s traffic.”


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Tips for Setting Up a Shopify Store for Your E-Commerce Site

Read this blog post for tips that will help you set up an e-commerce Shopify store

Thinking about building your first Shopify store for your e-commerce site?

Well, let me give you some free advice.

I recently just finished working on my second Shopify store, Fashion Cents Consignment, which made over $500 in the first few days of being live. While this new site is trending positively, there are a number of things that I wish I had known before I began building my own Shopify e-commerce site.

Shopify is a great platform to build your store on if you are a small-to-medium-sized businesses looking to enter the e-commerce market, but be warned: there are a lot of decisions to make. From choosing a Shopify theme to shipping options, I discovered useful and efficient ways to go about creating a Shopify store. Here are a few.

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Try This 3-Step Sales Strategy To Close Sales Like Never Before

3-Step Sales Strategy

Discover sales tips from Hubspot’s masterminds, plus find out why every sale should be a 3-Sale Sale.

As sales managers and representatives, we dump hours and hours into refining our sales strategies to meet our prospective clients’ needs.

From preliminary research to creating complex proposals to contract negotiations, we invest massive time and effort into constructing opportunities for new prospects that too often fall through.

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Email Marketing Tips, Best Practices & Deliverability Pointers

Email Marketing Tips, Best Practices & Deliverability Pointers

Whether you write sales emails or send weekly e-blasts, you'll find something worthwhile in this post.

Invoq's owner & CEO, Jon, wants our team to be constantly looking for ways to grow our knowledge and improve our skills. Smart, right? The better we can do our jobs, the more our clients will benefit and the more our company will profit.

Because we're a company that cares about continual personal and professional growth (it's been grafted into our DNA), and we're a HubSpot Partner Agency, it makes sense that HubSpot certifications have a top spot in our improvement plan.

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