The Best Software for Small Businesses | 6 Tools to Grow Your Business


These online marketing tools ease the chaos of managing your small business.

As a small marketing business owner, I know that determining the best small business software, systems, and tools for your company can be brutal. There are thousands of options—some to help with online marketing, others for accounting, legal documents, payroll, reporting, HR, project management, and more that help with a whole host of other things.

But there's digital marketing tools that stand out from the crowd for their price tag and value, which I feel deserve special recognition, and why I deem each of them some of the best software for small businesses.

these 6 small business tools have been instrumental IN the success of Invoq Marketing.

Intuit QuickBooks | Eliminate your financial chaos

It's not by accident that QuickBooks is first on this list. Finance isn’t glamorous for most of us, but what is even less glamorous is when your bank account is in the red, and there are bills to pay. Setting up QuickBooks to track profitability for each job or customer is critical.

One major key is building a cash flow projection document. It doesn’t matter how profitable you are—if you run out of cash, the wheels of business grind to a halt.

Knowing who you invoiced, when the invoice went out, if they opened the invoice, and whether or not it's paid are all foundational pieces for keeping you headed in the right direction.

HubSpot's Free CRM & Marketing Platform | Limit your sales and marketing chaos

As I mentioned, there are thousands of online marketing tools to help you grow your business—but my personal favorite is HubSpot.

The HubSpot's integrated marketing & sales platform revolves around their free CRM (yes, you read that correctly—it's free). This is where you store contacts, companies, deals, and tasks. The CRM is simple yet powerful. It can tie in Microsoft Office 365 or Gmail so that it automatically logs your activity. This cuts down on the work you and your sales team need to do—and it gives you better data.

Upgrade to HubSpot's Sales Pro, and you can see when you emails are opened in real time. Plus, it includes useful email templates, templates sequences, meeting scheduling functionality, and a slew of other features that will make you wonder how you lived without them.

HubSpot's Inbound Marketing platform takes most—if not all—of your marketing tools and combines them into one. Use this marketing super tool for blogging, email marketing, building an entire website, running ads, publishing to social media, and creating marketing automation.

In full disclosure, we are a HubSpot Partner Agency. :)

DataBox | Squash your data chaos with  at-a-glance business reports

DataBox is a newer tool that we love. With this tool, we're able to pull data from QuickBooks, HubSpot, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, SEMRush, and other platforms in order to create at-a-glance dashboards and reports.

DataBox gives us the ability to build slick, concise, highly-customizable dashboards so that we can see the numbers that matter to our business quickly and frequently.

For instance, you can use DataBox to show your SMART goals in real time. It may take some effort initially to set up this dashboard in a way that's most beneficial to you and your team. However, once you've pulled in your important metrics and placed them beside your SMART KPIs, you'll be able to visually track the progress of all of them in one place at one time.

Zapier | Eliminate your database and system chaos

One of the frustrations at my company is that we often need systems to connect— or talk—to each other, but most systems don’t have a native integration that allows them to work together. 

When we need online marketing software or tools to speak to one another (which seems to be every other day), our default go-to is Zapier.

Zapier allows you to build connections between platforms without knowing how to code or build APIs.

Here are just a few ways we use Zapier's connective power.

  • TypeForm to HubSpot's CRM | We love being able to sync survey info to HubSpot's CRM without manual entry. #timeismoney

  • WebMerge to HubSpot's marketing automation | WebMerge automatically imports data from our HubSpot lead forms and generates dynamic PDF, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and more in minutes.

  • YouTube to Slack | Feeling inspired by one of GaryVee's recent marketing videos? Share it with your team or with an individual via Slack. 

The connection options through Zapier are almost endless.

PandaDocs | Curb your contract chaos

Contracts and legal documents can be a massive headache when you need to keep track of templates, the language that your business attorney approved for you to use, and get a legally binding signature. PandaDocs solves all of these problems.

PandaDocs allows you to create templates for all of your standard proposals and legal documents. It handles the process of getting signatures beautifully and stores the final contracts in the cloud for reference purposes in the future.

PandaDocs's small business software also integrates with HubSpot CRM to make the life of a HubSpot user a bit easier.

Slack | Instantly confront your communication chaos

We’ve all been apart of the 55-email email chain between eight people—talk about something that can create confusion, chaos, and, a migraine. Those email chains are the worst.

At Invoq, we've implemented Slack for our team of seven to use as we collaborate and discuss work. We have channels set up for each client to keep things organized. It gives us the ability to have an ongoing conversation and stay on top of what each person is saying.

And, get this—we have used it to almost completely replace email for in-office and customer service communications.

Slack also has some great integrations like being able to pull blog RSS feeds, get alerts from Google Analytics, and manage projects.

When its set up correctly, Slack can be your main communication hub.

What now?

Now that you've read about some of our favorite software for small businesses (see more here), it's time for you to decide if you're happy with what you're currently using or if it's time for you to look into one or more of these marketing tools in order to grow your business.

If you're interested in learning more about HubSpot in particular, schedule a time to chat with me, Jon. I'd be happy to tell you about this popular and effective marketing and sales software, obligation-free. A 10,000-foot overview is always helpful, right?

If you're looking for something bigger than a software fix, consider hiring a marketing agency like us. We're a team of marketing experts who love helping businesses grow by attracting qualified leads to a great website, closing more sales through effective conversion points, and helping you turn customers into excited brand ambassadors.

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