Email Marketing Tips, Best Practices & Deliverability Pointers

Email Marketing Tips, Best Practices & Deliverability Pointers

Whether you write sales emails or send weekly e-blasts, you'll find something worthwhile in this post.

Invoq's owner & CEO, Jon, wants our team to be constantly looking for ways to grow our knowledge and improve our skills. Smart, right? The better we can do our jobs, the more our clients will benefit and the more our company will profit.

Because we're a company that cares about continual personal and professional growth (it's been grafted into our DNA), and we're a HubSpot Partner Agency, it makes sense that HubSpot certifications have a top spot in our improvement plan.

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Latest AP Stylebook, Chicago Manual ​& Dictionary Updates—Get the Scoop!

Girl excited about the latest AP Stylebook, Chicago Manual, and Dictionary updates

Relevant content is important—but so is correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation!

From smoke signals to carrier pigeons and 6-pound cell phones that resemble a brick to the fall of MySpace, the way we communicate with each other has changed significantly over time thanks to technological advancements.

As technology and connectivity changes, we must change. If you want your communication to be relevant, it's imperative to keep up. With the evolution of the internet, communication is moving at a faster speed than ever. Peter Sokolowski, Merriam-Webster's Editor-At-Large, believes that more writing is being done by more people than ever before—which is cause for constant education and adaptation.

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8 Brilliant Resources That Will Make Your Online Writing Awesome

8 Brilliant Resources That Will Make Your Online Writing Awesome

These writing tools will take your copy from good to great.

If you're a seasoned writer, the chances are good that you already use the writing resources we have listed below - and probably a few more. However, to those who are new to content writing or those who may be trying to move content writing in house, any combination of the resources listed below will help your writing process tremendously.

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How to use LSI Keywords for SEO

What are LSI keywords and why do they matter?

What are LSI keywords and why do they matter?

Many operating in the digital marketing workforce have asked this question recently—and for good reason. LSI, or Latent Semantic Indexing, simply put is a method Google uses to make sense of a website's content.

As Google evolves, so does it's ranking algorithm. In order to implement content marketing strategies effectively in today's webspace, one must have a working understanding of what LSI keywords are and how they are used.

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Is Content Marketing Still Relevant?

Content Marketing for Inbound Marketing

Writing valuable content on a consistent basis is challenging and tedious.

For example, creating a new blog post, finding a compelling (or at the very least, appropriate) image, and writing corresponding social media copy can take hours. When you consider the time it takes to research, write, edit, and format images for each social post, it makes sense.

So, is it worth it? Is all that work really necessary for driving website traffic and attracting leads?

In a word . . . yes!

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