Tips for Setting Up a Shopify Store for Your E-Commerce Site

Read this blog post for tips that will help you set up an e-commerce Shopify store

Thinking about building your first Shopify store for your e-commerce site?

Well, let me give you some free advice.

I recently just finished working on my second Shopify store, Fashion Cents Consignment, which made over $500 in the first few days of being live. While this new site is trending positively, there are a number of things that I wish I had known before I began building my own Shopify e-commerce site.

Shopify is a great platform to build your store on if you are a small-to-medium-sized businesses looking to enter the e-commerce market, but be warned: there are a lot of decisions to make. From choosing a Shopify theme to shipping options, I discovered useful and efficient ways to go about creating a Shopify store. Here are a few.

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Email Marketing Tips, Best Practices & Deliverability Pointers

Email Marketing Tips, Best Practices & Deliverability Pointers

Whether you write sales emails or send weekly e-blasts, you'll find something worthwhile in this post.

Invoq's owner & CEO, Jon, wants our team to be constantly looking for ways to grow our knowledge and improve our skills. Smart, right? The better we can do our jobs, the more our clients will benefit and the more our company will profit.

Because we're a company that cares about continual personal and professional growth (it's been grafted into our DNA), and we're a HubSpot Partner Agency, it makes sense that HubSpot certifications have a top spot in our improvement plan.

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Chat Services & Software To Consider For Your Business

Chat Services & Software To Consider For Your Business

Marketing is ever-evolving; and now chat services and chat software is becoming increasingly vital.

While email, website forms, and phones calls serve an important purpose in the marketing and sales funnel, being able to interact instantly and personally is growing increasingly important to people as they spend more time online connecting with others, searching for solutions to their problems, and, of course, shopping.

Can you always give real-time and individualized responses to everyone? If you can't, the chances are good that your business won't grow into the future.

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5 Essential website Principles To Apply For A Great User Experience

5 Essential Principles To Apply For A Great User Experience

Does your website provide a helpful user experience?

From the second a user interacts with your site, that individual begins evaluating your brand. Now consider this: how many other sites are your users interacting with on a daily basis?

It’s likely they are visiting plenty of other sites and, solely based on their interactions, many users will determine the value of what your site has to offer them. Not only this, but these interactions are also the basis by which users have created their mental models.

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Make Sure Your Website Structure Is SEO Friendly—6 Tips for Success

How To Ensure Your Site Structure is SEO Friendly - 6 Tips for Success

If you website is SEO optimized you'll get more traffic and intersted visitors. 

The structure of a website is much like that of a house. A solid house structure improves stability, use, and confidence. A solid website structure increases these qualities as well.

If you own your website, you need to also own your website's structure. Why is site structure such a big deal?

The structure of your website has a huge impact on the user experience, and the potential search engine success of the site. From site structure to navigation to content, let's consider best practices for optimal website structure.

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