Discover Your Marketing ROI Through Closed-Loop Reporting


Here's how closed-loop reporting for MARKETING & SALES works.

Businesses face many challenges on a daily basis. However, three common challenges—uniting marketing and sales efforts, tracking customer lifecycle stages, and measuring marketing ROI—can all be addressed by implementing closed-loop reporting.

So, what is it and how can it surmount these challenges?

Read on.

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How to Make A Monthly Marketing & Sales Report That Your Boss Will Love

Why do we talk about HubSpot so much?  

Well, their inbound marketing methodology and software platform is just phenomenal. We've bought in 100%. It's not only working for us as a marketing agency, but it's doing wonders for our clients. While we could go on and on about all of HubSpot’s features and how they've contributed to sales and marketing growth, this post focuses on one aspect alone - the sales and marketing dashboard.

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How to Create a Monthly Marketing Report

If you're the one responsible for assembling your company's monthly marketing report but feel unsure about what to include, this post will help you out. 

When we create marketing reports for clients who are interested in performance details, these are the specific elements we include: website analytics, social media analytics, a list of work accomplished, and a general summary. This information is useful for measuring success and identifying areas that need improvement.  

Topics: How-To Practical Tips Reporting and Measurement