Why Starting in 2018, You Need A Facebook Paid Advertising Budget


Whether you've noticed or not, organic traffic on Facebook has dropped—and it's likely impacting your company in a big way.

There are a few reasons that you need a Facebook advertising strategy and budget. Let's start with the basics—because Facebook's algorithm does not make it easy for business pages to succeed on Facebook.

What does the term "Facebook algorithm" actually mean? And how does it work?

According to socialmediaexaminer.com, Facebook's algorithm controls who sees the content that you share. It's not as simple as you posting a status update then Facebook pushing it out to all your followers. That's a thing of the past. Not everyone who follows your page will see your posts. Facebook is way more intelligent now. And, there's a reason for that, but we'll get into it later.

Why You Need A Facebook Paid Advertising Budget | Invoq Marketing

Adam Mosseri (VP, News Feed at Facebook) puts Facebook's algorithm in layman's terms for us. He says he thinks about it like he would when ordering his wife something to eat at a restaurant.

(Hold tight; this will all make sense in a moment.)

The Facebook algorithm process goes like this—

  1. Facebook considers all recent posts (this is like checking the menu to see what options you have).

  2. Facebook looks for signals that you might like a particular post (like knowing your wife likes salmon).

  3. Facebook makes predictions on what you like and shows those posts first (like ordering the salmon).

This process happens on millions of devices countless times each day. And, it's also the reason why your Facebook business page's posts aren't getting as many views as it used to.

Why isn't my Facebook business page performing well?

This makes a lot of sense when you think about it from a business perspective. Like our CEO, Jon Martin, likes to say, "Think about where the money is coming from, and then you'll have your answer." The reality is that Facebook is a business. And how does a business like Facebook make money? You guessed it—paid advertising.

So why isn't your Facebook business page making you money? Because the only way for company pages to succeed on Facebook is through Facebook paid advertising. Facebook's only real concern is to find ways for more business pages to spend more money. You can't blame them. Any CEO would do the same thing.

The truth is that social media doesn't work the way it did in the past.

Facebook's current algorithm is very different than it used to be in 2000. Back then, you could post anything on Facebook, and it was guaranteed to be shown to your audience. This is because posts were served in reverse chronological order, according to wallaroomedia.com. In 2009, Facebook changed the algorithm to be based on popularity.

As you might've guessed, the Facebook algorithm is changing more frequently than ever. Simply posting on your page every day without a Facebook advertising strategy or budget is a waste of time.

Can my Facebook business page get me leads and make me money?

The answer is yes. The process is just very different than it used to be. Keep reading for three tips on how to develop a Facebook advertising strategy and a killer Facebook ad campaign.

Here's what you should be using Facebook for—

1. Facebook Paid Advertising

The new reality is that businesses on Facebook are unlikely to succeed without putting a budget toward Facebook paid advertising. In turn, this requires a Facebook advertising strategy similar to how you would strategize for billboard, radio, or TV ads.

When creating a Facebook ad campaign, there are a few key things that you need to consider—like your goals, target audience, and the content of your ad. Unfortunately, this isn't as easy as it sounds. Facebook ad campaigns can get incredibly detailed and complicated, and the platform itself isn't exactly user-friendly. We'd love to dive into the specific best practices for executing a Facebook advertising strategy, but that's a whole other blog post (a very long blog post).

Inbound Marketing makes paid advertising easier because, by design, it includes a detailed social media strategy tailored to your business. Successful Inbound Marketing strategies are all about remarkable content—and social publishing allows you to share that valuable information on the social web, engage with your prospects, and put a human face on your brand.

2. Its Database

What you're really doing when you create a Facebook ad campaign, is using Facebook for its extremely extensive database. In other words, you're using Facebook paid advertising to buy an audience.

Think about all of the millions of people that use Facebook. In fact, Facebook has more than 2 billion monthly active users according to the company's website. That's a lot of people—a lot of people that may be interested in your product or service.

Think about Facebook's database as an untapped market. You may not have their email or mailing address (those things are pretty hard to attain actually). But, what you can have is their Facebook profile.

When you use Facebook paid advertising, you are purchasing access to advertise to millions of people that you otherwise would have had no access to. Even better, you can segment your audience to the specifics of your ideal customer by choosing preferred age, gender, interests, etc. to give you an incredibly high customer value.

Segment your audience for Facebook paid advertising

You can even import contacts that you already have established through HubSpot's Facebook Ads add-on. This means that if you're using HubSpot's Inbound Marketing tools and have established leads through your website, you can target those leads through Facebook ad campaigns as well as through follow-up emails and blogging. Talk about a win-win-win!

3. Organic Posting 3-5 Times a Week

Just because you realize that Facebook paid advertising is more lucrative than simple sharing updates on your company's page (otherwise known as organic posting), doesn't mean that you can give up organic posting altogether.

There's a huge difference between social marketing and social selling. Social selling is where you can really see the return on your investment, and it includes your Facebook paid advertising strategy that we talked about in this blog post. However, social marketing is also essential.

Other than running Facebook ad campaigns, it's still very critical to be active on your company page.

Think about this scenario—a highly qualified lead that saw your Facebook ad in their newsfeed now visits your company's Facebook business page to learn more about you. But, you haven't posted a status in months because you focused all of your efforts on your Facebook advertising strategy. That scenario isn't exactly ideal because the customer doesn't get any added value, in turn stopping their customer journey.

This is why it's extremely important to pay attention to your Facebook advertising strategy as well as organic posting. It may seem like a lot to balance, which is why marketing agencies marketing agencies like us are here to ease you into the process.

How we can help you.

With years of experience and through utilizing HubSpot's Inbound Marketing software, Invoq Marketing's team has the tools necessary to guide you through a high-performing Facebook advertising strategy.

We even have a Social Media Manager (me, Julia Schuller!) who is dedicated to creating and executing killer Facebook ad campaigns. It's my sole job is to strategize social media campaigns across every social media platform available—reaching your customers where they spend their time.

Did you know? According to MediaKix, the average person will spend over five years of their life on social media.


That's a lot of time spent on Facebook.

If you haven't started taking your Facebook advertising strategy seriously, it's time. This is a huge task to take on single-handedly, however. That's why we're here to help. Give us a call at 717-340-2679 or shoot us an email at hello@invoqmarketing.com. We'd be happy to dive into detail about how social media marketing and Inbound Marketing can produce an impressive ROI for your company.

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