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How We Implement CRM Software

The reality is that if you haven't used a CRM software before, it's difficult to implement and customize on your own. That's why we're here. Here are more details about this package and what you'll get.

This package starts at $1,300.


We start with a 1-2 hour consultation and overview of the HubSpot CRM Software. We'll also take the time to understand your sales process and what you need from a CRM system to support your business properly including email templates and sales documents.


In this stage, our Web Designer and Sales Strategists will configure the CRM system's settings specifically for your sales process. Some of the tasks we execute include: setting up user accounts for your sales team, defining your sales pipeline, importing your contact and customer data, and connecting your email inboxes to the software. The list goes on, but we'll cover more during a live demo.


Our CRM Implementation Package comes with two training sessions. The first session is a 1-2 hour session immediately following the CRM Implementation to train all staff on the CRM software. The second session is a 1-2 hour session 30 days after the initial training session to answer questions and offer additional support.

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Why HubSpot IS the Best CRM Software

Sales representatives don't want to be delayed in the sales process with redundant tasks—they want to close deals. HubSpot's CRM platform allows sales representatives to be more productive by giving them the tools they need at their fingertips.

With HubSpot's CRM system you can—

Customize email templates to your company's needs to speed up the sales process.

Pull from a list of email templates instead of writing new emails for every client.

Make a call with a client directly from your desktop that connects to your phone line.

Utilize contact cards to have one unique place to view and store client activity, scheduled meetings, notes, emails, call history and reminders.

Keep notes for specific clients organized in their contact card to prevent losing information on sticky notes and messy spreadsheets.

Send a custom meeting link directly in emails that automatically syncs with your calendar.

Keep sales-related documents in one place and send them directly from your email.

Focus on making connections and sales instead of administrative tasks.


Your New Sales Tool Bag

HubSpot's free CRM software speeds up your sales cycle with organized and easy-to-use tools for sales teams and executives. 

Contact List

HubSpot's CRM software keeps your contacts organized in one place. Inside your contact lists, you can view any interaction with a lead including calls, emails, meetings, and notes. You can even write emails within the contact view, track calls, create reminders, and schedule meetings directly through this platform.



In a long and complicated sales cycle, it's easy to forget names and lose phone numbers for multiple contacts within one business. HubSpot's CRM software gives you the ability to keep contacts made within a specific company all in one place. Plus, it also allows you to view all activity related to a particular company including open deals. As your business grows, it's crucial to have this activity in one place to stay on top of the sales process.

Calling screenshot.png


With considered purchases and long sales processes, deals or opportunities can become complicated. HubSpot's CRM software allows you to get an extremely accurate view of your sales funnels on an organized dashboard that's available to your entire sales team. Sort by name, owner, amount or stage to view your progress and update strategy for to optimizes your sales process.



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