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Dakota Storage Building's Case Study: Inbound Yields Growth for Family-Owned Shed Manufacturer

Dakota Storage Buildings

Dakota Storage Buildings, located in Milbank, South Dakota, is a custom garage and shed manufacturer who focuses on building quality products with the best materials available.

Business Pain Point

Several years ago, Dakota Storage Buildings, had shed display lots, a website, and a product catalog. It was a solid start for the only shed manufacturer in the region—but then competition emerged. Before long they began to feel pressure as their sales started to decline.

While they had marketing basics in place and the capacity to produce more buildings, they couldn’t rise above the threat of competition. They needed to beat the competition and increase their sales.

How Invoq Helped

Within nine months of working with our team at Invoq Marketing Company and implementing a progressive and solution-driven marketing plan, they experienced a 25% sales increase, 100% growth in website traffic, and social media traffic and engagement doubled.

The Case Study: Inbound Marketing Yields Growth for Family-Owned Shed Manufacturer

See our marketing analysis and how Inbound Marketing transformed Dakota Storage's business.

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Fashion Cents Consignment Case Study: Growth-Driven Design for Small Business E-Commerce with Shopify

Fashion Cents Consignment

Fashion Cents Consignment was started several years ago in Strasburg, Pennsylvania, to sell and consign brand name clothing at affordable prices.

Business Pain Point

Fashion Cents Consignment needed to expand—they had too many products and couldn't move them fast enough. They either needed to find an additional physical location—which would be a tight financial stretch—or consider starting an online store.

How Invoq Helped

Creating an online store to push more sales is what Fashion Cents Consignment decided to pursue. Within three months of the site launch, they experienced nearly $6,000 in online sales, over 32,000 online store visits, over 200% social post engagement, and increased store sales with online order pick-ups.

The Case Study: Growth-Driven Design for Small Business E-Commerce with Shopify

See our marketing analysis for details about how Shopify and Growth-Driven Design are getting Fashion Cents Consignment more customers.


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