For family-owned shed manufacturer

Dakota Storage Buildings, a high-end outdoor storage building manufacturer in South Dakota, had multiple display lots, a website, and a product catalog. It was a solid start for the only shed manufacturer in the region.



Unfortunately, Dakota Storage Buildings wasn’t the only shed manufacturer for long. Competitors began popping up. They started to feel the pressure to compete for customers as their sales began to decline. While they had marketing basics in place and the capacity to produce more buildings, they couldn’t rise above the competition. They needed to grow their customer base and their increase sales. Unsure of what to do, they started looking for a marketing agency to help them fix their problem. To make a long story short, they hired us—Invoq Marketing Company.

How We Helped

To start, we considered the big picture, and we examined the challenges that Dakota Storage Buildings was facing. From there we started to formulate a plan. After a few days, we built a customized marketing plan that focused on our client’s goals and presented solutions to their problems. It’s our top priority to understand our client’s situation, find out why sales are stagnant, and identify ways to stimulate the growth trajectory. Where clients see problems and challenges, we see opportunities.

“Invoq Marketing Company has helped our company boost website traffic and increase sales. The team at Invoq Marketing go out of their way to connect with us regularly–whether by phone, Slack, or an occasional trip to South Dakota. I’m thankful for their genuine care about my needs and concerns.” - Lenny Stahl General Manager Dakota Storage Buildings

Solution-Driven Marketing Plan

After reviewing our proposal, the owner of Dakota Storage Buildings, Ben, and General Manager, Lenny, decided to take a leap of faith. They chose to invest their time and money into a progressive and solution-driven marketing plan. They trusted that we could deliver—that we could increase their sales and help them grow their business.

For the first step of our inbound marketing plan, we created buyer personas, developed a comprehensive marketing strategy, established Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and set SMART goals.

Next, we added Dakota Storage Buildings to HubSpot’s marketing platform and started applying core inbound marketing strategies such as blogging, content offer creation, social media publishing & monitoring (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+), and local SEO implementation.

Finally, we created high-quality print collateral to simplify the buying process and ensure brand cohesion.

Through all of these efforts, our goal was to target the right audience, attract and move qualified leads through the sales funnel, and help the sales team close business and delight customers.


Results, Return on Investment, and Future Plans

Within nine months of our plan being implemented, Dakota Storage Buildings experienced a 25% increase in sales (that’s 20x the amount they invested). Plus, website traffic grew by 100%, and social media traffic and engagement doubled.

We’re happy to report that both Ben and Lenny enjoyed collaborating with our team and seeing how inbound marketing works. Even more importantly, they were pleased with the results of their investment—20% ROI is pretty impressive after all.

Executive Summary

  • Competition was making sales difficult
  • Inbound marketing strategies were implemented
  • 25% increased sales
  • 20% Return on Investment (ROI)