Growth-Driven Design for Small Business E-Commerce with Shopify

Fashion Cents Consignment, a high-end consignment boutique in Strasburg, Pennsylvania, had more inventory and consignors than they could handle. They needed someone to help them expand— so they came to us.


There are dozens of consignment shops in Lancaster County and its surrounding area. Fashion Cents Consignment needed a way to set their boutique apart from their local competitors.

They needed to offer something the other local consignment stores couldn’t— online sales.

With an excess of stock and an equally strong desire to increase sales without opening a second physical location, Fashion Cents began looking for an agency to market their products quickly. Their problems came to a halt when they found us— Invoq Marketing Company.

How We Helped

Fashion Cents Consignment already had consistent traffic to their physical store, but we wanted to reach a wider audience— those that wanted to shop at their own convenience, not just during store hours.

We also wanted to move more product without crowding their already busy location.

We proposed an online store to push their sales and implemented inbound marketing to attract more customers and keep their regular shoppers engaged.

In came Shopify, our platform of choice for e-commerce stores.

Setting Goals

For a traditional marketing revamp, we would aim for increasing website visits, leads and lead quality and finally gross sales. However, because Fashion Cents Consignment was not previously tracking any of their page views or online conversions, we decided to focus solely on closing online sales.

How We Began

Fashion Cents Consignment was ready to make big changes for big results and left their marketing strategy in our hands.

Our team dove in, getting a sense of the brands and products that Fashion Cents uniquely offered and developed a plan to leverage their niches.

We worked with their internal resources to create a clean and efficient production set to photograph their products. This ensured their product imagery reflected their item’s quality and value.

We migrated their website over to Shopify, an e-commerce platform to manage their online sales. Shopify’s easy-to-use functionality makes it a terrific choice for anyone to add products and allowed Fashion Cents to manage their inventory on their own.

But this was only the beginning. . . We established our 4-step plan and dove in!

Our team at Invoq Marketing dove in to create buyer personas to understand Fashion Cent’s shoppers and target them directly.

Next, we added them to Hubspot’s marketing platform and started applying inbound marketing strategies such as blogging, social media publishing & monitoring, local SEO implentation, and more.

We tranformed their current website by creating search engine optimized static pages, adding forms to gather lead information, creating product category and brand collection pages, building out ads to their site, etc.

This inbound approach rapidly started bringing organic traffic to their site, in addition to the page visits which Invoq’s efforts influenced through referrals, social media, email marketing, paid search, paid social, and other campaigns.

Their website traffic is consistently building over our 3 months of management:

What Did We Do?

We took Fashion Cents’ extra stock and put it in front of eager eyes.

This inventory would have been previously sitting in the company’s back room until their floor items sold and they had the showroom space to display more products.

Now, they are pushing merchandise from two fronts and their physical store location is no longer overwhelmed with excess inventory.

Plus, their monthly collective sales are going up!

Within three months of creating an online store for Fashion Cents Consignment, the local boutique had nearly $6,000 in online sales.

We also added an in-store pick-up option, so shoppers don’t have to pay for shipping and can browse in the boutique, leading to more in-store sales as well.

These results are from only 120 days of teaming up with us at Invoq Marketing!

Their advertising campaigns also just kicked off mid November! Their traffic is spiking even more thanks to our PPC and social ads.

Overall, Shopify is transforming this small, local business into a nationwide online consignment shop.