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Results in 3 months

What if in only 3 months you started ranking higher on search engines and your website traffic steadily began to increase?

You've been on an exhausting climb for years, gradually improving your website and traffic, but your search optimization siege feels like a slow battle that you just can't win.

You want more—we get that. We all desire rapid results and any marketer knows that search engine optimization is one of the hardest games to master. Some SEO services seem ambiguous, and at the end of the day, you're not even sure what you just paid that so-called SEO specialist to do. (Wait, you spent how much on "link building?")

Our SEO "Quick Win" package is just like it sounds. It's a combination of foundational SEO services that we implement over the course of three months, for instant improvements and relatively prompt results. The goal is that within 90 days, our SEO services will begin to move the needle on your organic traffic and our strategy will provide you with a strong foundation to keep growing your online presence.

OUR SEO Package  

SEO Health & Website Optimization Package


Discover what our SEO Health & Website Optimization package has to offer. You will find that it's customizable enough to fit your needs with additional add-ons and flexible personalization around your business needs.

This package is designed to scratch a few SEO itches, including companies looking for—

  • On-site optimization
  • Keyword research & implementation
  • Fixing broken links & spammy referrals
  • Local SEO
  • Citation building
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Add-On: Content Strategy


If you’re looking for further strategic direction, we recommend considering coupling our SEO Health & Website Optimization package with some clear-cut SEO strategy for your site’s written content.

This add-on will act as an extension to our standard SEO package by also providing you a three-month blogging strategy. We’ll give you—

  • 12 article ideas with recommended SEO optimized titles
  • A main keyword to target per article
  • Two-three supplementary semantic keywords and topics to drizzle in the content
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SEO Package breakdown

This SEO package is designed to scratch a few SEO itches, including companies looking for—

Local optimization - Fixing broken links and spammy referrals - Keyword optimization - On-site improvements - And more

A Personalized SEO Audit

Before we can start optimizing your website, we have to know where you can improve.

We run a complimentary SEO audit on your domain to check for errors and ways to optimize your website. This SEO report will have a breakdown of your—

  • Traffic sources and ways to improve your bounce rate
  • Keywords you currently rank for on the first two pages of the popular SERPs
  • Link metrics and thorough fixes of lost links in the past 60 days, broken links like 404s, spam, etc.
  • Site speed statistics and what you could optimize for faster load time
  • Insights on your site's level of Inbound optimization and valuable suggestions for improving your lead capturing methods and customer journey

Our SEO audit is free across our website for any interested company— so although this is step one to diagnose some problems on your site, it's actually not a paid part of our package. The free version of our SEO check exposes main SEO issues on a website. With our website optimization package, we also fix the top issues found on your site.*

Not only will Invoq resolve critical problems, but we provide strategy for your long-term site health.

That's because we believe in Growth-Driven Design. But for now, all you need to know is that we're going to do more than just fix your leak— we're going to offer advice about the piping structure to promise steady, steam-lined flow.

*We'll fix up to 200 of the most top priority errors. How do we determine "priority?" Ask us. If you have more site issues, we'll connect with you about possible solutions.

On-site Optimization

Frequently our SEO audits expose problems that need fixing. Some of these are off-page issues, but often, your site is what needs to most improvement. As a part of this SEO optimization package, we'll optimize some pages of your website.

This package includes website optimization of 5 core pages of your domain. We'll—

  • Determine powerful keywords, including one main target keyword and semantic phrases per page.
  • Strategically craft your metadata such as meta descriptions, image alt tags, and etc.
  • Optimize your images for appropriate file size, naming conventions, etc.
  • Interlink pages on your website for cohesive navigation.
  • Add outbound links on your pages to credible sources in your industry.
  • Code schema markup for local ranking factors.

You'll also receive a full keyword build with recommendations for new keyword and topic targets.

We recommend optimizing your highest performing pages or highest grossing services for best results, but we'd happily assess your site and offer our recommendations for what pages to devote the most attention to.

Big site? Five pages might not create a big enough dent. Ask us about expanding our on-site SEO services in your own custom package.

Local SEO

With the growing power of local search, it's important to optimize your site around your targeted regions, regardless of if you're a small mom and pop or a nation-wide business.

Our SEO specialist offers multiple local SEO services. We will—

  • Verify and clean-up your Google & Bing business listings.
  • Get you listed on the map platforms (Google, Bing, Apple).
  • Setup your website in Google & Bing Search Consoles.
  • Optimize your website for local search.
  • Inject schema markup in your website code for location ranking signals.
  • Build company citations on 12 of the most popular citation sites.

We'll work closely with you to make sure that your company information is accurate and consistent across the web so search engines aren't playing guessing games.

Content Strategy (add-on!) - $750

For people looking for further strategic direction, we recommend considering coupling this package with some clear-cut SEO strategy.

We'll take the keywords we researched for you and actually apply our recommended topics and phrases to create a custom blogging plan. You'll receive 12 recommended article ideas for a three-month blogging strategy outline. Each post will include a title recommendation as well as one main keyword and two semantic phrases to target.

This is a great option for companies with an internal marketing team looking for some SEO strategy and direction to guide their writers forward. Some companies, however, need content generators. Ask us about blogging for you. One of the blog posts that we wrote for our client, Dakota Storage Buildings, accumulated over 10,000 new website visits for that client from Pinterest alone!

What Makes Our SEO Marketing Services Unique

Well, there are some things that are different about Invoq Marketing than any other SEO marketing agency you've turned to in the past. Our SEO marketing services triumph because we offer—

Strategy. Unlike other one-off SEO services, we front-load our time and effort into the initial strategy. Implementation is nothing without goals and the data to support its foreseeable success.

Transparency. There's no move that our team makes that doesn't have your stamp of approval. We outline the exact steps our SEO expert will take to optimize your website and rankings with clear-cut deadlines.

Results. We've got the case studies to prove it. We are so confident in our planning and approach that we take responsibility for the progress of our efforts and your business growth.

Discover more about our marketing company by creeping on our Why Invoq page.

Interested in learning more about our SEO services?

Poke around our search engine optimization page. This will give you additional insight into our SEO strategy and approach!

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