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On the hunt for a search engine optimization specialist?

How about an entire internet marketing agency with its own dedicated SEO expert?

That's because SEO isn't like crossing a finish line, it's like tending a garden. 

Flow with us here—

Your website is like a garden. You plant seeds (your content) and hope that something grows. If you're lucky, all elements—like the soil, the weather, pests, and timing—are in your favor and each plant grows and flourishes. However, more often than not, something's stopping your crops from yielding the return you desire.

Think of SEO as a fertilizer. You nourish your crops with some extra nutrients (keywords, meta data, etc.) and gosh, let's hope that it's the good organic stuff (haha . . . SEO puns). But let's not forget that sunshine (link building, shares, etc.)—those rays that give you extra juice and shine some light on your masterpiece.

Your plants might also need some structure in that garden box to neatly bloom (Inbound Marketing optimization tactics like sales funnels, lead capturing, etc.). And don't forget to pluck out the weeds (elements that slow down your load speed, spammy links, etc.), so your crops can grow to their full potential.

After some careful nurturing—voilà!—your garden is flourishing and everyone's noshin' on your fruit. How do you like them apples?


The problem is

Just like watering your garden daily and waiting for growth, SEO services take special attention and time—time you don't have.

You know who does have time? Our dedicated SEO expert—Jenn. She tends our clients' gardens every day as Invoq Marketing's Search Engine Marketing Manager & PPC Specialist, running SEO audits and reports and making frequent improvements.

And it's not just her—our entire internet marketing agency knows a thing or two about optimizing different elements of your website.

What's better? Invoq Marketing is a results-driven team, meaning we not only tell you exactly what SEO services we plan to provide for you, but we can also show you the results that follow. 

Let's take a look at the various SEO services we offer . . .


On-site Optimization

There are so many elements directly in your control on the back-end of your website, and how you refine that data is the most important factor in optimizing it for search engines. Let's take a look at the way you can spruce up your site to be a conversion machine.

We can analyze and improve your—



Content is King, and our SEO Specialist worships that throne. We'll make sure your pages are structured with proper header tags and more so that your website will signal what's important about your business.

We'll also do the keyword research for you and weave targeted phrases and terms into your pages to help spiders recognize what your site is about. As a matter of fact, when you decide to partner with Invoq, we'll provide you with a full sheet of the keywords we're pursuing with strong data points and strategy as to why we think they're worth targeting. Plus, we'll monitor how you're ranking on the SERPs and give you biweekly updates about how you're rising.

We're also always keeping up with all the latest search engine algorithm changes. That being said, we're staying ahead of the game by already implementing topic-based clustering strategies for our clients. With the help of our favorite platform, Hubspot, we can organize your content around important pillar pages and build supplementary articles to support it. This tells Google and other search engines that you're not only talking about your niche, but that you know all about it and are experts in your industry.


Metadata lives behind the curtain of your website, telling bots, and sometimes people, what your pages are about. This is basically information about your data; it can be about file sizes, titles, meta descriptions, and more.

Our SEO Manager can tell you what parts of your site are missing pertinent meta data or have poorly optimized properties. We'll fill in the gaps, so you don't have to do it.



Media is often a big issue for people because they're not attaching data to their images or videos. Bots can't see images like the human eye can see them—so bots need alternative text, or alt text, in order to understand what the image is showing.

Another media issue is file size. Many time file sizes are super large, and they make websites load much slower. Scroll on down on this page to learn more about how Invoq can reduce your website load time through image optimization.



Link Building & Citations

The more high-quality websites that link to you or that you link to on your site, the more likely you are to rank well in SERPs. Google and other search engines frown upon certain "bad" websites, so make sure you're not vouching for a spammy site or that spammy sites aren't linking to you. Also, let's make sure you're not losing links!

We'll monitor your—


Referring Domains

These are the sites that link to your website from one of their pages. They're called referring domains because they are referring to you—and if you share something valuable to viewers, they'll be happy to reference your material. We'll see who's already vouching for you and help you build more targeted content to get more referrers naturally. We'll also monitor your referrers to make sure that no spammy websites are directing others to your site because they are suspicious to both search engines and searchers.


Spam Score

As we mentioned above, spammy sites may link to you. But how do you know if that's happening and how can you stop it? We'll use special software to monitor who is linking to you and share a special spam score for each. Together we can determine if they're bad for your image—and our SEO expert will set out on a spam removal mission. She'll reach out to ask the site's to take your link down or report them to the webmasters.


Link building is a largely coveted service, but there are many ways to do it wrong. Google chastises and punishes websites who link-stuff or get large numbers of links from other (often irrelevant) sources. In fact, Google says "link schemes," such as buying links, violate their Webmaster Guidelines.

We're aware of Google's stipulations and will help you achieve quality links without any black hat SEO tricks. We'll see which links you've recently lost and dig into why, plus we'll fix broken links and share your awesome content with others who may find it useful enough to give you a shoutout.



Citations are listings on other websites, often on business data platforms that are related to your industry. They work like directories, so they often include your name, address, and phone number. We'll make sure that you're listed on the most popular citation sites and that your data is accurate and updated.

Oftentimes citation websites can have reviews, such as Yelp. We'll also monitor your reviews and make sure citation building is an active monthly effort.


Site Speed & Load Time Reduction

Did you know that 47% of consumers expect a webpage to load in two seconds or less? It's also good to know that 40% of visitors abandon a website that takes more than three seconds to load. You must carefully review all the factors that could be slowing your site down and causing user frustration.

Invoq Marketing's individualized SEO Specialist will work to reduce your—


Page Speed

Page speed is the time that it takes to fully load all the content on a specific page. Your site should ideally load all data in less than two seconds, but most clients come to us with sites that are taking six or more seconds to truly finishing processing or rendering their content. Let us reduce your website's load time.

A site might display text and images quickly, but there could be more information buzzing in the background a few seconds after, signaling to search engines that you're slower than your competition—and the bots like it fast. Let's be honest, so do users, who will be quick to hop back to the SERPs for a faster answer to their question. Pogo-sticking isn't fun and can create a nasty bounce rate.


Inbound Optimization

The Inbound Methodology aligns your content with your customer’s interests and focuses on naturally attracting Inbound traffic to your site. That means, instead of pining after customers, they come to you. Sounds pretty nice, right?

As a part of our Inbound Marketing approach, we'll take a look at your—


Lead Capturing

How do you know who is visiting your site unless they openly share their information? We're enabling your website with methods to more easily capture prospects and turn them into leads.

Forms on various landing pages help you to gather information about your users and retarget them. We want to make sure your site has lead capture technology on your core pages, or pillar pages, by providing them gated content in exchange for their basic credentials. Once they share their name, email, and whatever other required information you desire, they will receive an incredible content offer and be delighted with free industry knowledge. This puts you in a spot as a wise guru who knows all about your industry and soon followers will be returning for more.

Social Activity

Popular social platforms have become marketing staples, providing valuable data about customers. You may not think it's important to post on social media because everyone's doing it these days, but this can generate a lot of traffic for you. We make sure you're active on the major social networks and even offer social media managing as an additional service.

Sharing content tells search engines you're alive and kicking, and these platforms serve as positive ranking sites for your in the SERPs.

Blog Activity

Google has a special Query Deserves Freshness (QDF) ranking factor that gives extra visibility to newer posts in search engine results. We recommend blogging at least once a month, if not more, to keep fresh content coming towards your audience and prospects. This tells search engines that you're still relevant and lassos in new traffic.

Blog posts are content-rich, and as you remember, that is perhaps the most important ingredient in your garden fertilizer. Blog posts generate a large part of the organic results for most websites; therefore, your blog strategy must be on point to compete on the SERPs. Our Content Strategist, Kristen, works with our SEO Specialist to write relevant articles around hot keywords and topics.


Local SEO

Do you run a local business? You'll want to make sure you're coming up for searches in your area and reaching users near you. We will manage your Google My Business and Bing knowledge graphs so people can call in or get directions to your site very easily on the SERPs. We'll also get you on the popular mapping apps and ensure your name, address, and phone number (NAP) are accurate on citation platforms.

Have multiple locations? Cool. Our one client, Dakota Storage Buildings, has 24 locations and trusts us to get them ranking in all their regions. We'll build out location pages for you and keep your business information organized for users and web crawlers.


Our FREE SEO Audit is customized to your site.

Here's what our SEO Audit will give you—

  • A basic overview and SEO score (oh my, you're getting graded!)
  • Insights into where you're getting traffic
  • What keywords you're ranking for
  • Content topics you might want to target (plus a complimentary article about topic clusters and how to use them)
  • Data about your on-site SEO, link metrics, site speed, & more
  • An Inbound Marketing optimization analysis
  • And personalized recommendations & suggestions for how to improve your website for better search engine optimization

Wowzah! What's really neat is that we'll get you this customized SEO report within three business days. We'll use six of the best SEO tools to gather your data and compile a detailed report with actionable steps to make quick improvements. Plus, this audit is packed with relevant SEO tips for any industry.

Once our search engine expert puts together your report, we'll touch base with you to schedule a 15 minute call to go over your audit. Our CEO— Jon and our SEO Strategist— Jenn— will walk you through all the data we compiled and highlight what you could improve on your website.

Curious to learn more about what makes our local Lancaster, PA marketing agency different than others you've been investigating for search engine optimization services? We'll let our work speak for itself. Check out some marketing case studies from our clients to see how our SEO efforts have increased their traffic, leads, and sales.

Feel free contact us for more information or check out our other marketing services.

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